Monday, December 11, 2006

Bunga Desember : Haemanthus multiflorus (Tratt.) Martyn.

Bunga Desember Bunga Desember 2

Bunga Desember or Blood Lily or Haemanthus multiflorus (Tratt.) Martyn. is one of rare's plant in the world.


According to its name BUNGA DESEMBER. Bunga = flower, Desember = December. This flower only blossoms on December. At the End of November, its ready to blossom. And the blood lily. I love this flower. My mom planted it with love. In my region, my mom the only one who has 'BUNGA DESEMBER'. We proud of it. My mom got it from some forest in my mom hometown PURWOREJO. Here I will give all of you some information regarding this flower:

Species---Haemanthus multiflorus (tratt.) Martyn

Known Name: Bunga Desember or Blood Lily

The usefullnes:

***Can be used for burn injury. How to use?
1. Wash Fresh bulb of Haemanthus multiflorus
2. Grate it
3. Stuck in the injury part

Chemistry Contains:

*** Leaf, flower, and the bulbs of Haemanthus multiflorus contains of saponin and flavonoida.
*** Leaf also contains of polifenol

Do you have this fabulous flower?
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