Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coming Soon

Hi...long time not updating this blog. I'm too much busy with my own project and writing for screen play. Yeah, I promise this year will be the perfect year to realize my dream be a full time writer. Where the passion can be the money.

Finally, my fifth book is going to launch at the end of February 2012. The book is still in bahasa but will be in English one day. Here is the cover! Yeah....finally this is my first book which use my own picture. How is that?

Okey, will give you all the summary of this novel soon.

Friday, January 06, 2012


Hi all. This is the video that my friends created when I was leaving from Metro TV. I love it so much. Thank you my friends, will always love you all forever. I am leaving a very comfort zone for something that's called passion. Here is the video:

Thursday, December 22, 2011


A friend of mine in office always told me that my style looks like Erykah Badu. Firstly, I didn't really care about that. Then i today I browsed to find out who's the hell of Erykah Badu? Is she a model or actress.

And here is what i found on internet:

Erica Abi Wright born February 26, 1971,better known by her stage name Erykah Badu. She is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress. Her work includes elements from R&B, hip hop and jazz. She is best known for her role in the rise of the neo soul sub-genre, and for her eccentric, cerebral musical stylings and sense of fashion. She is known as the "First Lady of Neo-Soul" or the "Queen of Neo-Soul".

Early in her career, Badu was recognizable for wearing very large and colorful head wraps. For her musical sensibilities, she has often been compared to jazz great Billie Holiday. She was a core member of the Soulquarians, and is also an actress having appeared in a number of films playing a range of supporting roles in movies such as Blues Brothers 2000, The Cider House Rules, House of D, and the documentary Before the Music Dies.

Okey so, Erykah Badu is a truly talented artist with eccentric style. colorful head wraps is her icon. And she loves fashionable glasses.

Then I really found some similarity between me and Erykah Badu. We are Pisces girl who love fashion. If she is song writer, I'm book writer. If she is an actress, I'm a screen writer wannabe. And here our pictures. But I still don't understand why my friend said i remind her of Erykah Badu.


Since I was kid, I always dream one day I’ll be superstar in writing. I keep convincing myself, the dream will come true.

When I was kid, I had a delay in learning to read. Even I couldn’t read when I was 7. Of course it was biggest problem when I was in the first year of elementary school. I got very bad score in the class, and teacher almost said I was stupid. No I wasn’t. I was just dyslexia. My mom taught me how to read and write patiently every day. And when I was turned to 8, I did it. Finally, I could read and write. Although, I still found missing letters in my writing.

Soon after I could read and write. I began as a rising star student in the class. I always be the best student with very good mark. After finished my study in elementary school, I continued in one of best state junior high school. After that I continued my study in one of best Senior High School in Jakarta. In Indonesia, you have to be smart and diligent to enter state high school. And my high school (SMU 70) had the second highest passing grade in Indonesia. The most favorite high school in Jakarta. All students were smart students with at least average score 7.5 (from 10 scale) from their previous junior high school. Yeah, I was not always the best in the class, but I was still the best five in the class amongst smart students.

When I graduated from high school, I had offering for scholarship in abroad. But my parent didn’t allow me to take for simple reason. I’m the only daughter that my parent has. In our culture, most parents will be more overprotective with their daughter (less than 25 years old or unmarried). And I buried my dream to continue my study in abroad. I chose Bogor Agricultural University. It’s one of best university in Indonesia. More than 1000 high school graduates are competing every year to get one seat. Only the smartest and the luckiest from 1000 candidates will be enrolled, after national test. And I did.

Why agriculture?

Although I was dyslexia, I have good talent in writing. Since I was in elementary school, I always enjoyed language class, where I could express my imagination in long writing. I wrote poems then I presented it in some of stage performances. I also wrote drama and then directed my friends for small stage performance. It was awesome experiences.

In High school, I found more excitements. Not only writing for poems or drama, I also joined in school magazine. I enjoyed my job as columnist and reporter. I dreamed one day I would work in media as a journalist.

In Indonesia, we study many subjects. But in the last year of high school, we have to choose one from 3 option; science, socio-economic, and language. Science for those smart students, especially for them who have almost excellent score in math, physics, biology, chemistry. Socio-economic for them who have not good score in science subjects but have good score in economic, accountancy, history. And the last one is language, for them who don’t have any competency in both of (science or socio-economic). Teacher will select us based on our score not our passion.

That time I know, my passion was language. I planned to continue my study in literature faculty to be real writer or in communication faculty to be the journalist. But unfortunately, I was categorized as smart student with excellent score in science. My math score was above the average score (9.7 from 10 scale), biology 9, physics 8, chemistry 8.5. And I had no choice, I joined science class. In here, joining science class is pride. Every parent proud if they children are submitted in science class, especially in the most favorite high school.
And the reason why I chose Bogor Agricultural University was because that university has blue jacket. And blue is my favorite color. That’s it. No matter if I have to study not following my passion as long I love the jacket. I knew that was ridiculous reason. That time I was thinking my future was so blur. Being an author and working in media was only dream. I passed my university without passion. But I graduated with honor predicate as bachelor of agriculture.

As soon after I graduated from university. I worked in shipping company. I was a junior researcher for their business development. And there finally I published my first book. A novel “Surat Cinta Saiful Malook” (Saiful Malook’s Love Letter). It’s a love story with socio-cultural background. Saiful Malook is a legendary lake in Peshawar Pakistan.

That the first time I proved to the world that I have talent in writing. Soon the novel became so popular. I was covered in some media. That was the first time I met with Metro TV. I was interviewed for a live morning talk show regarded my novel.
After that I kept writing. Another book was published. Then destiny brought me to my dream job. I started work in Metro TV on Sept 2007. Although not as journalist, but I’m enjoying my desk job; making proposal of creative communication campaign, the concept of media management.

Then my third book, “The Chosen Prince”was coming out in the beginning of 2009. My fourth book, “Nasi Goreng untuk Obama” (Fried Rice for Obama) for more than 400 pages published on March 2010. Not only for book, I wrote for several blogs and media.
At the end of 2010, I felt my life ended after worst traffic accident. I almost lost my right hand. I stopped writing for a while. I learned how to type and write to speed up my recovery. And another book done, waiting for publish. While I have another more than 200 pages book ready to be finished.

I really love my job. I love the place and people there. But suddenly i remember with my own dream. I'll use the moment of new year to start my new life. Its hard, but i have to. I need more challenges.

And here I'm. Soon, you'll not only read my books or articles. You may see my writing on screen. I'm gonna be a full time screen writer. I'm happy finally i can decide my own future.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Waiting for you

I don't know what were the basic concept of this photo session. I think so its just like a princess in waiting for a handsome prince who ride white horse and will pick up her to the palace. Hahahha....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Planning to Escape

I'm planning to escape from my routinity. So I will have a lot of time to write books.

Another Colorful Day

My brother who's photographer again forced me to be his model for his project. He will join another exhibition. Well for me its time to get some inspiration in open air. Love this awesome place.

Sunday, May 01, 2011



I wish you and i...

Waiting in Sunset

I'm waiting for you, here. In the old city where the memory become a part of our life.


Once upon a time, I really need an escape from the heat. After a full week, I'd to face routinity. It doesn't mean I hate my routinity. I'm just a bit tired and need refreshing. More over after I finished my 500 pages of 5th book. Actually there are some projects that i need to do. But today, I just want to get out and see friends. Chit chat, sightseeing to get inspiration.

" See you there Risma!" A friend when she closed the phone. And I was preparing myself to be there. Cafe Batavia.

Café Batavia is a wonderful jump back in time to the colonial age. The walls are decorated with old picture frames with stars and the unforgettable faces of the last 100 or more years. As you slide into the seats and enjoy the wonderful food & beverages you will slip back 100 years or so as well. Visiting around sunset is recommended for food on the second floor. The sun streams in and there is a fantastic feel of the colonial life.

Photographer: Widya Hermawan
Choreographer: Arinda
Wardrobe : Risma Collection

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I posted this on my twitter timeline with hashtag #100factofme

(1) Pisces
(2) Shio dog
(3) Blue lover
(5) Cat lover
(6) Big dreamer
(7) Has wild imagination that's why I'm an author
(8) In love with Virgos
(9) Love spicy
(10) Love to be different
(11) Fashionista
(12) Romantic
(13) Tearful
(14) Sensitive, can't see somebody sad or unhappy
(15) Love peace
(16) Only afraid with my GOD
(17) Never give up
(18) positive mind: I'm what I'm thinking
(19) Sanguin-melancholic
(20) Talk active-fussy
(21) Love to express my feeling and mind by writings
(22) Not easily get angry but when somebody really hurt me, I will send them to the jail,especial for d hacker LT&HK
(23) Love to have a lot of friends
(24) I'm sure that one day I'm gonna rock the world with my awesome writings
(25) Has a sixth sense talent, bless with great intuition. GOD guide me to see through my heart and mind
(26) So proud being part of eagle's team ;-) (METRO TV has symbol Eagle)
(27) My business partner is Scorpio
(28) Love adventure
(29) Love to be in crowd but sometimes need more 'me-time'
(30) Love to try new challenges/things
(31) Independent
(32) Sometimes do white lie to cover someone that I love
(33) Don't like to share personal secret to everybody
(34) Love my mom more than my life
(35) Respect my dad with abundance of love
(36) Love my family, loved one, friends, enemies, cats, etc. Love everybody
(37)Hate when my sixth sense shows me the truth tht I don't need to know before;e.g. LT&HK talked their plans to destroy me
(38) Love to get more attention
(39) Annoying is when somebody not pick up my phone
(40) Love make friendship with someone who always has big dream and positive minds
(41) IT conscious
(42) Love art
(43) Love music
(44) I'm a bachelor of Agriculture who don't know how to grow seeds. Wkwkwk, I decide to be writer
(45) I love fresh air in the mountain or village
(46) I hate ironing
(47) I love cooking when I'm in good mood ;-)
(48) I wish I had 'Doraemon'
(49) I wish I could back to my wonderful past
(50) I love Tom Yum and sayur asem
(51) I have traumatic memory with 'tukang ojek' (motorcycle cab rider)
(52) I love to spend whole my lazy time by sleeping
(53) All my gadgets are white
(54) #IstanaBojongCae is one of my wonderful memory. I wish I could be there 8yrs ago
(55) I was not diligent when I was in college.I almost had no picture together with college-mates
(56) Saiful Malook in my novel #SuratCintaSaifulMalook is real
(57) @WidyaKN is not only my bestfriend but she is also my spiritual counselor :p. She knows me so well
(58) @masluluk is someone who introduced me the joy of twitterland :-)
(59) I prefer to wear a glasses than a contact lens although.But I wish I had a normal eyes so I don't need to wear both
(60) I was thinking tht might be one of my handsome cat was a prince who was cursed by witch,need to be kissed to change
(61) Weekend is lazy time for me
(62) Love to eat seafood
(63) Bcos I'm blue lover, I prefer to choose something with blue cover/packaging
(64) I love to read book especially literature, motivational, biography and based on true story books
(65) I can eat a lot food without gaining more weight :p
(67) I love chocolate
(67) Addicted to froyo
(68) Love to read DONALD DUCK comics
(69) I prefer to buy book than go to cinema
(70) I adore people who have self confidence
(71) I love 'jengkol' :p
(72) I have some people that I call 'angel without wings' because they have helped, inspired, motivated me
(73) I'm a moody person
(74) My favorite fruits is grapes
(75) I have a lot of freelance cats= stray cats who only comes to my garage for food and milk
(76)When somebody hurt me, I love to pray"May Allah forgive them and bless them with happiness so they don't need to hurt me"
(77) I think I'm a bit extrovert, try to openly mind&heart but just in my writings
(78) I hate war for whatever the reasons
(79) I love to be in the stage doing some performance, since kid I was often reading the poetry in front of many people
(80) For cab I only take @Express_Group , bluebird and transcab
(81) I don't really like sport :p
(82) I don't really like milk but I love cheese
(83) I love Friday most
(84) I'm a dream catcher
(85) I like Indian movie especially Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Slumdog Millioner
(86) I love rainbow so much
(87) I like salad
(88) I love boot shoes and wedges
(89) I love to collect accessories (bangles,necklace,etc)
(90) Really love with culture diversity.
(91) I believe that there are 2 destiny; fixed (Qadha) and depend on our efforts (Qadar)
(92) When I was kid i dreamed to be a doctor but then i realized i hate 'blood'
(93) I like smart guys :p
(94) I'm kind a hygiene people. Never forgot my 'hand sanitizer'
(95) I had some of natural tattos due to scar
(96) I wish I could do make up :p
(97) No one will believe that I'm fragile inside hahahaha
(98) I can't draw, or singing
(99) I don't know how to wear stiletto :-D
(100) Last: I haven't had shower since yesterday. Hahahaha